Bagna Caoda
3/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 can anchovy fillets (chopped)  Better still are salt-packed anchovies if available.
1/2 Cup wine or Balsamic vinegar 1 stick Butter
8 cloves garlic minced (or three tablespoons of pre-crushed) Salt and Pepper to taste

Serves: 4              Chef: Roger W. Bodo


Bagna Caoda means hot bath in Italian and is a traditional dipping sauce in the Piedmont region

Place chopped anchovies, butter, olive oil, salt and pepper into a heavy sauce pan or better yet a fondue pot, heat on low and let cook for 30 minutes while slowly stirring with a wooden spoon. It will froth up. In the Bodoira family we gathered around the pot (now called a Fondue) and dipped our veggies into the frothing mixture and used a slide of hard-crusted  Italian bread to catch the drippings.  Of course the bread wouldn't last too long as we nibbled away the parts with the delicious drippings. You can also place the hot liquid in small ramekins (little bowls) for dipping, but it's not as much fun as the communal pot.