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Thanks to all of our family and friends, for making our Grand Rapids, Michigan wedding a fabulous and memerable occasion. Love, prayers and peace to all.

Kyle and Stacy become one on 8-5-2000

Hello and welcome to our Wedding Web Site! It was designed to bring the special moments of our wedding day--undoubtedly the greatest day of our lives--to all of our family and friends. (And anyone else who's interested, for that matter!) We hope that it will give a sense of the event to those of you who were not able to join us, and that it will bring back warm memories to those of you who were there.  

Some conventions to be aware of before we begin: this page is organized in a "storybook" format--it tells the illustrated story of the weekend (give or take a little!) Everywhere you see a thumbnail picture you can click on it and be magically whisked away to an enlarged view of the image. Then, simply click the "back" button or text to be returned to the story. It takes a little longer to download each page this way, but we just thought it would be more interesting this way. We hope you have fun!

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