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Meet the Latest Bodo on the Planet - Due Early September 2002

Left  to Right: Mike & Denise Bodo and Matt & Kris Bodo 12-2002. She doesn't know it yet bu she's expecting and in Feb-2002 the picture on the right confirmed it

Baby Matthew Bodo at about two months

Roger, the Grandpa Bodo to be at his 60th birthday party

Boy that nursing stuff sure takes a lot out of ya, right mom?

Yeah dad, I'd like to talk NFL SMACK, but I'm just two tuckered out.  After all, I am only a week old y'know. (08/24/2002)

Yeah, I think I'll just catcha few before the second half. 

Now let's see, I grab the football like this at the laces and ....

Hey Kid, being older ain't all that bad

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