Roger's 60th Birthday Party 12-16-2001
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Anne.jpg (64042 bytes)
Daughter Anne

ann-fran.jpg (52924 bytes) Anne & Francesca

Bob-Di.jpg (75402 bytes) 
Bob & Diane Elnicky

Dav-Shar.jpg (66122 bytes)  
Dave & Sharon Schafer 

fran-rno.jpg (63360 bytes)
Francesca and Husband Reno
kris-stacy-denise.jpg (44114 bytes)  Three Queens: Kris - Stacy-Denise
kyl-stcy.jpg (67362 bytes)Kyle & Stacy  kyl-stcy-best.jpg (80361 bytes) Kyle & Stacy again Lar-Tif-Mel.jpg (72998 bytes) 
Tiffany Bodo with Larry & Melissa Mencotti
mar-liz3.jpg (49555 bytes)  
Mario & Elizabeth
Mike.jpg (47092 bytes)
Michael Bodo
Raf.jpg (49789 bytes)  
Raff  Baldassarro
raf-car3.jpg (39701 bytes) Raff with Carrie rog-cake.jpg (65637 bytes)Roger Cuts Cake

rog-git-all.jpg (66791 bytes)
Roger opening gifts

Roger.jpg (47531 bytes) 
Roger on the move
Following are pictures taken by Bob and Diane Elnicky.  Left click to view full size. Want a paper print? Bob and Diane gave me an extras. So just ask. raf-me-cake-all-scanned.jpg (23721 bytes) Roger & Guests Ann-Fran-scanned.jpg (10624 bytes)
Anne and Cousin Fran
DaveS-scanned.jpg (23301 bytes)
Dave Schafer & Group

Denise-stacay-Kris-scanned.jpg (9760 bytes)

The Three Mouseketeers Kris, Stacy and Denise fran-etc-scanned-1.jpg (9642 bytes)
Mario and Elizabeth and
mike-denise-matt-kris-scanned.jpg (10580 bytes)
Mike, Denise, Matt and Kris
Rog_anne-khal-gifts-scanned.jpg (16451 bytes) Roger opening gag gift as Anne and Khalan watch Rog-Bob-scanned.jpg (13429 bytes)
Roger and Bob Elnicky
rog-cake-scanned.jpg (20248 bytes) Speech, Speech? rog-mike-matt cake-scanned.jpg (19165 bytes)
Stope me if you've heard this before.
Tiffany-Anne-vicky-fran-scanned.jpg (15905 bytes)
Tiffany, Fran, Anne, Vicky

The pictures above  are Denise's Snow Village .

Roger Bodo 1-1-2002