In Memorium: Archie John Bodo (1909 to 2003)

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Archie @ 10-15-03
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My Get Up And Go Has Got Up and Went

When I was young, my slippers 
                were red,
I could kick my heels clear
                 over my head.
As I got older, my slippers
                 were blue,
But I could dance the whole
                 night through.
Now that Iím old, my slippers
                 are black,
I walk to the corner and
                 puff my way back. |
The reason I know that my youth
                 has been spent,
My get up and go has got up and went.

But I donít mind, as I think with
                 a grin,
Of all the old places my get up and go 
                has been.

 So I get up each morning and
                 dust off my wits,
Pick up the paper and read the
If my name is missing,
                I know Iím not dead.
So I eat and good breakfast and
                 go back to bed.

Archie Bodo                                                             As recited March 20, 2002


Lean not toward me, now.

Rather, turn, nod, and from sadness refrain.

Recall on which side I once was, and where you still abide.

Turn and nod, and remember. Then go.

We shall meet again, in time, on the other side.

(C) 1998 Roger W. Bodo

                        The People's Poet TM