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Matt Bodo/Kris Hitt Wedding  4-10-99   

Mark Bodo /Tiffany Trepak Wedding 3-17-00  

Kyle Romund/Stacy Woods Wedding 8-5-00  

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2000  

Cedar Point Meets the Bodos 7-9-01

Roger Turns 60 12-16-2001

Mark and Tiffany's Baby Hayden UltraSound-22 Weeks

Meet Mark and Tiffany's Baby: Hayden Alexander Bodo, b. 9-05-2003, 17.5"/6lbs 4oz.

Meet Matt and Kris's Baby: Connor Joseph Bodo, b. 9-05-2003, 21.5"/10lbs 3oz.

Christmas 2003 and Year In Review.

2004 Big Fat Italian PicNic

Christmas 2004 and Year In Review.

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