Did you Hear The One About?

John, John,
where have you gone?
Chasing after some long
deservedly departed democrat, no doubt.

And what will they think of you up there,
when you take the wind out of crisp angels' wings
and spread mirth and humor all about?

Lombardi had no greater grin,
no cheeky round smile such as yours,
a face seldom to wear a frown.
Were you ever down?


Where is that democrat anyway?
Got some things to tell him about?
Give 'em some good old Detroit what fors.
Are you trying to join up with him, John,
or run him out of town on a rail?

Never could quite figure out your political sway,
but election year, or in between,
it was good clean fun, to hear what you would say.
Not many I know had such a cavalier way,
to paint a Cicilian-Egyptian oasis on the basement wall,
LaTraviata playing as we pondered it, when there to play.
And, few could so deftly spin tall tales,
so grand that down narrow stairwells they'd fall,
upon our ears, where, in fits of laughter, we lay.

An eye to the stars, with roots in the earth
from a universe your humor arose.
This was your gift, John, a living prose:
To always dish up a welcome smile, a pleasant hearth,
a family bred of honor well chose.

There was never a doubt of your legacy,
for as you lived you set us free,
to ply with respect the touch of the cynic,
yet keep in mind we are all but one,
and should share our lives with congeniality.

So, go in joy, John. Go.
That democrat is very near, indeed,
and there are stories yet to be told, you know.

Dedicated to Mr. John Mencotti (@1910 to 1999) As remembered by a 1950's neighborhood kid, Roger Bodo (c)9-99