Mark and Tiffany Bodo

Mark & Tiffany Bodo       March 17th, 2000

It happened like this...
A funny thing happened...a two-year engagement was to culminate in a September,2000 wedding. Then, things changed. Things like career changes for him and a demanding college curriculum for her. Then came an opening at the Church for Saint Patrick's Day 2000. Add them all up and you have a Mark Bodo and Tiffany Trepak.September wedding on a crisp clear Clevland day on March 17, 2000. Together Mark and Tiffany stood at the alter of St. Mel's Catholic church for the wearing of the "grin" ... celebrating the nuptial mass and becoming Mark and Tiffany Bodo. And as you can see, they were very happy.

They make a perfect couple...
It turned out to be one wonderful party for the Bodo, Adeline, Trepak families and other relatives and friends who could make it to Cleveland on a short (10 days) notice. Next year, there will be a re-enactment for the Michigan contingent .. and some of us will get to celebrate all over again with all of you.  As for now, the two love birds are nesting on a lovely mountain slope overlooking the Wautauga river near Boone, NC, home of Appalachian State University and not far from our mountain house.  It's a small apartment. (How small?) so small you have to turn around in the kitchen to open the refrigerator door. But it is quaint and very affordable. Meanwhile Tiffany continues her relentless quest for her degree and Mark is setting up his own Audio Visual business. For more pics of the happy couple, the wedding ceremony and the afterglow at Kuklas, a local pub, click on the smiling guy and get a few grins.

To all of you who attended and would like to have attended, Mark and Tiffany thank you very much for you support and prayers.  If you couldn't make it to Cleveland, hope you get joy from seeing some of the action.

Mark and Tiffany say, "Until we see you, God bless and thank you for everything."                                  

Mark and Tiffany Bodo                                                                      More Pics


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