Welcome to the Library of the People's Poet TM

From time to time this page will feature new or in-development works and poetry from Roger Bodo, the People's Poet.  Additionally we will provide other  art and literary work from the Bodo family and links to other sites you may find of interest. Please feel free to send comments, critques or questions

The Call.....A Poem for free spirits and  those who wish they were.

 Silver Ribbons .... A poem for  those who marvel  at  the planet in macro.

Walter S.T..... A poem to an  American  hero, Walter S. Taylor, founder and  proprieter of Bully Hill  Vinyards.

                       (Note: There will be a special Bully Hill, Walter S.T. "King of the Goats" Page coming soon.)

New Works & Works In Progress

Baby Thoughts

In the heart of every baby, 
lives a thought that cannot die. 
Thought tells it where it's going 
and wisely holds the reasons why. 
Thought calls in every helper
and knows, where stately defined,
are knowledge and the Spirit,
to fill needs of every living kind. 

From conception to reception, into existential womb,
to remediation of the soul, opening exits from the tomb, 
Thought, from the beginning, through spin of space and time, 
sprouts us seedlings unending, upward in heaven climb
showing that, once in being, all is not but strife.
Tthrough this one Thought born within;
Love is Life. 


Reciprocity. Reciprocity,  
it's the way to get things done. 
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. 
Together we'll save a ton.