First question folks ask is

Where in the World is Roger Bodo These Days?

Have to admit I've been a little loose footed these days, but here's the plot:  In 1991,  I  leave a great condo in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to go back to school and get a Masters Degree In Instructional Design from  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A two year stay in NC  has now reached ten . Shortly after graduating I  find work in Raleigh. After a 6-year stint at Nortel (The company previously known as Nortel Networks which previous to that was known as Northern Telecom), I end up at IBM. Not a bad ending.

In the meantime, in 2000 a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains opposite the third highest mountain east of the Mississippi. Grandfather Mountain, has become home. From here I write this and from here  I commute to IBM near Raleigh  and stay there two nights a week. The rest of the time I work and  play in the mountains. Which isn't all bad. Cheers y'all.
 Roger - Grandfather Mountain Stream 6-3-200   



  Blue Ridge Parkway Near Mt. Mitchell                          Overlooking Linville Gorge- Fall 2001               

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