The story

Marked by a hard doom, the story of the Turin one of the most exemplary among the maximum teams of football. In an alternation of ups and down, moments of crisis and great victories: from the first chairman to the first shield; from the great Turin of captain Mazzola at that of Claudio Sala to the Turin of today. The story of the Turin begins on 3rd december 1906 from a group of dissidents of the juventus, who decided to found a team called football club Turin. The first shield arrives in season of 1927/28. Just in that period the 17 december 1926 the fabulous stadium Filadelfia is inaugurated, which could contain little more than 20000 fans.

The first Italian cup is won on 1935/36 against the Alessandria. In 1939 arrives to the team presidency Ferruccio Novo, who decides to acquire a group of extraordinaries players: Bodoira, Bacigalupo, Tomà, Borel II, Gabetto, Menti, Ferraris, Loik, Mazzola and Grezar. The are the protagonists of the second shield won on 1942/43 and the first one of the five won by these players in the following seasons.

Only a misfortune could stop these great champions, in fact the 4th May 1949 at 17,05 the airplane that brought players back home after a transfer at Lisbone against the basilica of Superga. The city and the sporties of the world were moved in front at this tragedy. The funeral procession was followed by many people run up to greet the champions on which had identified the will of the italians to reborn after the second world war.

In the following years it tried itself to reconstruct itself, but unfortunately they had many attemps with a failure. Only in season 1975/76 the fans of Turin were able to rejoycing for a shield. The team had the famous twins of the goal, that is Pulici and Graziani. The team the following year participed to the champions cup, but unfortunately it was very unlucky and it was eliminated almost immediately. Finally the last years of criminal managements of Borsano and Goveani that took team to participe at an unlucky final of U.E.F.A. cup lost against the Ajax and to win an Italian cup against a very strong Roma, but they created also an economic hole that it could have costed life to team. The Turin was saved from this situation thank an attendance operated by the new chairman Gian Marco Calleri. Now unfortunately team is ended in second division after a very unlucky season, but with security to be able to return great.