Thanksgiving and Christmas 2000
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Francie & Family.jpg (40228 bytes)
Vittorio, Reno, Francesca & Tree

Elnicky House.jpg (243764 bytes)Elnicky's  House Christmas day

Mat-Kris House 2.jpg (46727 bytes) 
Matt & Kris Bodo's 
New Home

Mike &Denise, 
Mark & Tiffany Thanksgiving in 
Blowing Rock     

Roger- Elnickies.jpg (46162 bytes)
Diane, Roger & Bob
Sabbadinis.jpg (89616 bytes)  
Christmas at Lisa' s
Rog Tif-Mike.jpg (96668 bytes)Roger Tiff Mark and Mike Thanksgiving in Blowing Rock Elnickies-Scotts.jpg (38969 bytes) Elnickys and Scotts Ralph&Vicky2.jpg (34224 bytes) 
Vicky and Ralph
Rog & Grandsons MAt & Mike.jpg (49967 bytes) Grandpa "B" with
Mike & Matt Romund
Michelle-Mom.jpg (43308 bytes)Michelle & Anita Ralph & Phone.jpg (62170 bytes)  
Ralph & New Cordless
Vitorio & Money.jpg (42828 bytes) Roger's Grand Nephew Vittorio and his favorite gift. Mario In Kitchen.jpg (29397 bytes)6'6" nephew Mario in Francesca's Kitchen. Where else?

Steve House.jpg (41694 bytes)
Steve & Karen's new 
place on 12 acres.

Steve Xmas.jpg (20102 bytes)Steve in new home near Jackson, Mi. Virginia Mountain Shadows from I-77 on 12-27-2000

The picture above  is just a part of Diane Elnicky's ceramic village.  Daughter-in-law Denise Bodo is as avid a collector as well.  Her village has grown some, too. Diane tells her grandchildren a little story as she takes them on an imaginary walking tour of each home, shop, and tableau  in the village.  Would that we could build such a real world. But then, that's what Heaven is for. 

Merry Christmas 2000 and a blessed, healthy, and joy-filled 2001.

Roger Bodo 1-1-2001