Thanksgiving, Christmas, & 2003 In Review
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Hayden_Bapt.jpg (69557 bytes)
Left: Pastor Becca Pavetta of Grace Lutheran Church baptizes Hayden Alexander Bodo

Center:  Grandma Michelle and Hayden that evening. 

Right: Daddy Mark, walking  Hayden and the 4 dogs 


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Mark_Dogs_Hayden.jpg (237113 bytes)

fam_boat.jpg (189602 bytes) Left: Left: Roger's sister Victoria and her daughter Francesca's family: Husband Reno, son Vittorio, and daughter Marcella at Jamestown Settlement 11-26-03

Center: At Williamsburg Winery 11-26-03

Right: Baby Connor Joseph Bodo with brother Matthew Charles Bodo. Oct-2003


Family_WW.jpg (190792 bytes) mat_conr.jpg (135600 bytes)


Rog_Mrk_Hdn.jpg (134144 bytes) Left: Roger with son Mark and Hayden 

Center: Hayden a gift under the tree.

Right: Daddy Mark wife Tiffany and baby Hayden


Hayden_Smile.jpg (495397 bytes) Mrk-Tif-Hdn.jpg (129560 bytes)


Hayden_sleep.jpg (204935 bytes)

Left: Baby Hayden tuckers out from all the presents

Center: Hayden shows off his First Christmas status.

Right: In Spring, the Azaleas in front of Roger's house showed how much the liked the frequent rain


hdn_bib.jpg (150715 bytes)

452 Azaleas.jpg (196947 bytes)


Baldassaros.jpg (71413 bytes)

Left: The Baldassarros (Victoria's family) with some of the Bodo's at the Big Fat Italian Picnic and reunion.

Center: Some of the Bodo kids and steps with their significant others at the BFIP

Right: In October Michelle Adaline (Roger's first wife) celebrated a big and happy birthday.Won't tell which one.

Michelle-clr-corr_7in.jpg (27407 bytes)

Matt_Conr_xmas_03.jpg (46676 bytes)

Left: Connor and Matthew celebrate their first Christmas together. And, Right, Hayden celebrates his first Christmas.


Hayden_Tree.jpg (470060 bytes) 
Tree-hole.jpg (357649 bytes) Left: An October win of 65 MPH topped a tree and flew it about fifty feet into Roger's roof. Luckily, it was patched the next day.  A week later, Boone, NC got 9 inches of rain in 9 hours. 

Right:  A view of Hurricane Isabel from a ship as it approached the Carolina Coast. It was tame for the inland areas, much more so in the Mountains that the wind that flew the tree top.

The pictures above are just a part of the many events that took place in the extended Bodo family in 2003. 

Merry Christmas 2003 and a blessed, healthy, and joy-filled 2004.

Roger Bodo 1-1-2004