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Do you Believe in Stories?

We believe in stories. One includes how the Italian Famiglia Bodoira became the Bodo family in the USA. Every family has a story and many are remarkable, especially concerning the way they managed adversity, were industrious in their will to succeed and offer benefits to the communities they settled in and served.  In every family there are story tellers and this site offers them: philosophy, prose, poetry, biography, commentary and art from Roger Bodo and the past and extended Bodo family,who includes poets, preachers and public servants among whom we proudly note the well published Friar Murray Bodo. The stories also including some from the German side connected to the Roger Bodo family through Frank Bodo's marriange to a Zimmermanns, We think that within this Villa of Voices, il Posto di Bodoira, you will discover the insights, pleasures and stories, one of which is how the Italian surname Bodoira became Bodo in the USA.

The Villa at a Glance

In the United States we Italian Bodoiras are known by the last name of Bodo. This came about late in the 19th century when a foremen at the Porter Colorado coal mine asked Francesco Pietro Bodoira, who was signing on, how to spell his name. After the first four letters (B-o-d-o) he said, "That's enough." From that time on, the US family was duly recorded and known as the Bodos. The name may have changed but, just like our ancestral home in San Maurizio Canavese, Italy, tradition and culture remain. It is only fitting, then, that we Bodos carry on the culture, traditions and stories.

Please Note:

This is a new edition of the Bodoira site and blog. Elements are still in development and I think you will be entertained and amazed at the additions. So, please do return from time to time and see the new stories and creative discoveries.

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